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Online Learning

Online classes includes the following:

1. Catering for 20 learners in the Foundation and Intermediary Phase i.e. aged 6 to 14 (We only have one teacher doing online classes in 2021)

2. Covers all subjects included in ILM's curriculum

3. One video conferencing lesson (45 minutes) per week. These will either be dedicated one-on-one sessions, or small group sessions where appropriate for the subject matter. These sessions and lessons will be customised to meet your specific childs needs.

4. Electronic/Digital - Instructional Videos/Material will be provided via Google Classroom or similar facility

5. Supported physical material (booklets per term)

Minimum requirements (to be considered during our registration process):

1. Access to a laptop, computer or mobile phone with a camera (alternatively, an appropriate setup with tablet)

2. Ideally a dedicated device (smartphone/laptop/PC) that the student can use for the classes

3. High speed internet for video calling

4. Students should have a certain level of IT literacy or an adult is available to setup virtual classes

5. Fees must be paid periodically (in advance)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How are instructions delivered?

We use many platforms but we prefer Microsoft Teams or ZOOM to conduct all our lessons.  In addition, Google Classroom may be used when appropriate. Our administrator will setup sessions and you (or your child) will login with a link or email invite. Our instructor will split students into groups based on their age if group sessions are required. During class, children will use the materials provided at the beginning of the term. We might send you a few worksheets to print out every now and then.

2. What does a normal virtual class look like?

Our lessons go for about 45 minutes per session. From our experience conducting virtual classes in 2020, we will require parents to select one timeslot per week.  We found this easier to ensure the kids have a routine, and also to ensure to we dont move sessions around too much.  This time allocation also allows our instructor to prepare for their next session, thus not disadvantaging any of our other online learners.

3. What do children learn?

As described in the section above, we cover a variety of subjects based on ILM's curriculum. The child will have a Montessori instructor to go over various topics every week. This includes Arabic vocabulary, letter/sound recognition, reading and memorization.

4. What is the maximum classroom size?

As mentioned above, we are only catering for a maximum of 20 children in 2021, as we only have one instructor.

5. Is the program off on certain days and times?


We are keeping certain timeslots open in case there are cases where we need to use this day to cater for parents.  It is most importantly allows our instructor a well deserved time off and/or time to prepare for the lessons ahead.   The program will be off on the following days:

- Fridays and Sundays (all day)

- Weekdays (anytime before 2:00pm)

Refer timetable below:

6. Are the fees the same for online classes?

No, our fees for online classes are R2500 for the year.  We require parents to pay fees in advance at a frequency agreed (i.e. monthly, quarterly) with the ILM administrator.