COVID-19 Protocols

Before Madrassah

ILM requires the assistance of each an every ILM family to ensure we keep our learners safe and healthy during the pandemic. This is particularly important during the pre-screening process.  We require our parents/guardians to keep kids at home if they are experiencing ANY COVID related symptoms, or come into contact with a confirmed COVID case.  These symptoms include:

a. If the learner or parent/guardian has been in contact with a COVID positive case in the last 14 days
b. High temperature (more than 37 degrees)

c. Shortness of breath

d. Loss of smell or taste

e. Fever or chills

f. Cough

g. Sore Throat

h. Fatique/Weakness


1. We encourage learners to come to madrassah earlier (i.e. 3:45pm for the earliest).  This allows those who walk to cool down first before their temperatures is taken.  Experience has taught us that we may get false positives if the learners do not have sufficient time to cool down


2. The schools we use will ensure we have clean classrooms. This includes sanitizing the school before the madrassah starts.


3. Teachers will perform the screening of kids for their respective classes.  This includes a short Q&A regarding possible COVID symptoms, and taking their temperature.  Where applicable (especially for the younger kids), the parents MAY be required to answer these screening questions.  For younger kids, ILM is investigating using Google Forms so parents can complete the pre-screening questionairre before the kids come to madrassah.


4. Sanitization – Teachers to sanitise kids when kids go into their respective classes


5. Parents will not be allowed inside the school premises (parents to park outside the school premises).  Parents who drop their kids will be expected to drop them off at the gate.

During Madrassah

Class size will be limited to 15 learners per class, and we will ensure the learners are seated at least 1.5m apart.



1. Our teachers and Head of Operations will be present to oversee classes that take a break


2. We recommend parents/guardians pack limited snacks to encourage less interaction and shorter break


3. We will (where possible) implement staggered/different breaktimes per class to ensure kids can social distance.


4. Breaktime will be limited to 10 minutes


5. Teachers MAY consider having break time in the class for the senior and intermediary phase students only (where there is appropriate ventilation and social distancing).


6. Teachers will sanitise learners after their breaktime



Our recommendation is that the learners do NOT use the bathroom while at madrassah. However, we acknowledge that this might not always be possible.  In those instances, we have the following options available:


Option 1 : Bring own water and toilet paper


Option 2: ILM will have water and toilet paper at hand. However, these will be used at your own risk



1. Yes, but we will implement social distancing.  As per the norm, we require kids to bring their own sujaadah


2. No sunnah salaah being performed.


3. Kids to have wudu before they come to madrassah



No assembly unless there are relevant protocol or announcements

COVID Protocols when leaving Madrassah

1. Per our protocols when entering the madrassah, no parents will be allowed on the premises to collect.  We recommend parents call our Head of Operations on 083-9-222-586.


2. Learners will be released per class and teachers to sanitise kids when kids leave the class.


3. The older learners (phases) will be released first, and our intent is for these older learners to assist us where they have siblings in other classes.




Due to COVID and lockdown protocols, there are no planned excursions until it is safe to do so.  Teachers will inform respective parents if their classes will participate in excursions when it is safe to do.