About Us
Islamic Life Madrassah (ILM) is

a community based organization established in 2009. ILM’s classes started with 35 registered students and 3 educators and has since grown to over 140 registered students, with five educators, and one full-time administrator.

Although ILM’s core focus is religious instruction,  we strive to also provide ILM students with the necessary skill set needed to prepare them for the future.

We aim to develop and inculcate a holistic understanding of Islam as a complete way of life and in doing so to discover the natural way of the siraatul mustaqeem.


Short Term Objectives

  1. To continue developing and inculcating, in our learners, an holistic understanding of Islam, as a complete way of life. 

  2. To enable the teaching and learning process, purchase items such as a projector, laptops and/or Desktops for ILM staff.

  3. To ensure ILM has sustainable and diversified income to cover ILM’s operating costs, e.g. salaries and rental,  and save money for ILM’s medium/long term objectives

Medium Term Objectives

To enable and support the success of ILM’s long-term goal,

Purchase a property or plot, or

Enter into a long-term lease agreement for an appropriate property 

To ensure ILM have sustainable income sources to cover capital expenses (e.g. property purchase) and operating expenses (e.g. additional operating overhead

Long Term Objectives

To continue with our short and medium term objectives, and

Establish a “day” school that provides an Islamic and Western Cape Education Department curriculum.

Give a Donation

Our madrassah relies heavily on donor funding to cover our operating costs.  If you want to become a donor and support our school please click below. 

Give a Donation

Some of our students cannot afford to pay their school fees. If you wish to sponsor a child at our madrassah, please contact us to find out more.

A leadership team with vision

Our executive team is responsible for managing the strategic direction of the madrassah.  All Executive members have been with the madrassah since our inception in 2009.

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Ebrahim Peters


M. Rashaad Benting

Head of Operations

Adiela Dramat

Executive Member

M. Tayyib Hessen

Executive Member